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The Treasures

of the Church are its People





The following clergy will join us over the next few weeks as part of our continuing reminder of our catholic-universal-outreach as Roman Catholics:

September 6th/7th:  Msgr. Joseph Potter with a special collection for the Brazilian Children’s Fund.

September 13th/14th:  The Most Reverend Josaphat Louis Lebulu, Archbishop of the Diocese of Arusha (Tansania) and Reverend Restus Mangwangi with a special collection for Seeds of Hope for Tanzania.

September 21st: Reverend Robert Christian, O.P., formerly prior and Dean of Theology at the Angelicum University in Rome, now scholar in residence at Saint Vincent de Paul Seminary in Boynton Beach, Florida, the regional seminary for the dioceses located in that state.

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Please Note:  Clergy Office Hours may vary due to funerals or emergency circumstances so it is advisable to call before stopping in.

Also appointments can be scheduled in the evening or on weekends at your convenience.